Mike Smith Rivera

"the Bruce Lee of acting."
Steve Savitz, writer (WGA), director, Spitshine Kid

"a star in the making -- athletic, commanding, swashbuckling, and forever the comedian."
Stage Pages

"Intelligent. Very funny. I have no idea why he's not on Broadway."
Manny Alfaro, Executive Director, Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors, SAG Board Member

"the most prepared actor I have ever seen..., he CREATES performances."
Rick Najera, producer/writer, Latinologues, Mad TV, In Living Color

"The secret to a happy universe is locked inside his magnificent brain and every time he opens his mouth more glee is released into the world. He's brilliant, charismatic, a true talent, a gifted comedian, and insanely sexy. I'd marry him in an instant!'
Kelly Anne Burns, Missus Clown Pageant Winner, wife, Executive VP of Burning Clown Productions

"an excellent actor"
Jay Binder, Jay Binder Casting

"Every time I watch [him], I learn something new about acting."
Gio Crisafulli, film critic, National Board of Review of Motion Pictures

"the funniest ni(nja)er in the world..."
Co$t, hip hop star

"the moth that touches the flame."
Steven Buescher, Dell' Arte instructor, core faculty member Brown University/Trinity Rep

"stole the show with his wit and physical comedy"
Off Off Broadway Review

"the biggest Mexican I've ever seen!"
Julio, manager, Nuyorican Poets Cafe

"he IS the show."
Manuel Moran P.H.D, Artistic Director, (SEA) Society of the Educational Arts/Sociedad Educativa de las Artes

"He creates very important work."
Ilko Stefanovski, greatest living actor in Macedonia

"The best at what he does and I have never seen anything like it."
Mark Seiltz, BHG Films

"Should call [him]self Mr.Terrific."
Sue Morrison, Artistic Director, Theatre Resource Centre

"The coolest person in the universe!"
Jonathan Caouette, Director, Tarnation

"the KING of comedy!"
Noemi de la Puente, actress, writer, and producer of Fountain of Youth

"GREAT!...the most amazing clown I have ever seen."

"Speaks French with a perfect accent."

"this literal and figurative clown had us on our knees and peeing in our pants."
Vice Magazine

"The man outpaces his own legend."
Sven Breakfast, Hard Kore Kumite Association, Sri Lanka

"You rocked the mike!"
Hynden Walch, voice-over superstar, Emmy animation judge

"He changed my life."
Daniel, night club manager, Zadar, Croatia

"Excellent work!"
Mike Smith, executive producer Law & Order: Criminal Intent

"He has the ability to turn the cries of children into smiles and giggles."
Mike Knobbe, Executive Producer, BRONXNET TV

young Serbian man, Nista Bana

"makes people laugh like little kids."
Amy, Blue Mill Tavern

"Human...,very funny."
Miriam Colon, Artistic Director, Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre

"He is great!!!"
Silvia Sierra, Artistic Director, Grupo Artificio

"the nicest of the nicey nice nices!"
Roxy, Boss, Chashama

"Thank you!"
Miguel Algarin, founder, Nuyorican Poets Cafe